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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Intention Statement

Intention Statement and 10 Industry Questions and Answers

Carla Buchanan/Gabrielle Jennings

            This presentation will explore the fashion predictive company “STYLESIGHT” and compare it with another predictive company called “WGSN.”  We will go more into depth beginning with the history of the companies, competitors, contact information, and costs to consumers.  Our report will explore trend updates,  flat sketches, forecasting, key people, and accessibility.
            In addition to comparing the two companies, we intend to teach our audience, FIDM students, ways that they can use STYLESIGHT and WGSN to predict fashions for their businesses.  Fashion predictions will be presented, future technology applications for each company will be explored, and industry questions will be discussed. 
            Our intention, by comparing and contrastingSTYLESIGHT and WGSN is to inform, educate, and inspire our future fashion industry colleagues to utilizeSTYLESIGHT and WGSN in their business endeavors. Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel

10 Industry Questions and Answers/Stylesight and WGSN

Stylesight and WGSN
10 Industry Questions and Answers
Stylesight: Renee Labbe
WGSN: Cynthia Dipierro
1. Who are your clients?
Stylesight: We have a wide range of clients.  For fashion, it ranges from small independent designers to the corporate conglomerates to the runway designers.  We also work with interiors and furniture designers, textile manufacturers, visual merchandising professionals, stylists, cosmetics and skincare brands, automotive brands, advertising agencies and more.  Basically any type of company who is interested in how fashion and design affect the buying patterns of their consumer can get something out of working with Stylesight.
WGSN: -We work with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers on the West Coast-big and small located in CA, OR, and WA. 
2.  Where do your content teams get their information to publish on your site?
Stylesight:Among our numerous resources, our content teams are constantly researching everything from art to pop culture to politics to analyze the flow of information that will be important for the next few seasons, which in turn helps determine what will get published on our site.  Research is both done on-line and in the field, and we have correspondents and editors based in major centers around the globe to help extract relative regional content.
WGSN: We have contents teams located all around the world-as we are truly a global company- that stay on top of the cultural trends that trickle down and effect fashion, etc. 

3.  How long have you been in business?
Stylesight: 7 years.
WGSN:11 years
4.  How will I know your services are right for my business?
Stylesight: First, you'll know Stylesight is right for you because when showing you the service for the first time, our account directors will ask you questions about your company, role, mission, and target demographic.  This helps them show you the relevant reports and sections our site will have for your brand so they can in turn help you see how Stylesight adds real value to your workflow.
Second, you'll know Stylesight is right for you because our teams are made up of forecasting, fashion, and design industry experts as well as people who have spent decades working in the apparel business.  In short, we're a team of people who always needed a service such as Stylesight - so we know what you're looking for and we know the realities and challenges of your brand because we've been there.
Third, you'll know Stylesight is right for you because if you do a side by side comparison of "similar" companies on the market, you'll actually find that no one is quite similar to Stylesight.  We are constantly pushing the envelope for both the quality of our content and the "ease of delivery" - by that I mean how we interpret and publish it in order to make it easy to digest.  We know the time restraints on the design industry and we have built our site to allow our users to sign in and sign off as soon as possible.
WGSN: -Depending upon the needs of the company-we work with them.
5.  What type of customer service can I expect from your company?
Stylesight: We do pride ourselves on our customer service.  We have trend, site, and technology experts on hand to help our clients as quickly as possible.  If we find ourselves not able to immediately answer a clients needs (travel, timezones, correspondence issues, etc) we do let them know their request has been heard and is on its way to being answered.  It's actually amazing to sometimes see the number of employees who jump on the same in-bound question.  
We also have a bit of an unspoken golden rule that feedback is king...our internal environment is proactive to respond.
WGSN: -Customer Service is very important to us-and we have great relationships with our clients. Each account is assigned their own dedicated account manager who is their for them everyday and every step of the way on how to make the best of WGSN for their product.
6.  Are your services online or print?
WGSN: -Our services are only online-however we do work with clients on projects as well
7.  What are you doing now to keep your services up to date, using the newest technology?
Stylesight: While our upcoming developments must remain confidential - we have launched a number of fantastic new services in the last year that would not be possible without our exceptional IT team.  Design tools like My Storyboards (site-based presentation software), TrendLink (pre-made searches updated regularly), and ColorPlay (site-based palette design) are just a few.
WGSN: -We are actually in the middle of a complete relaunch of the service that we revolutionize trend forecasting yet again.  With added technology-and enhancements that are groundbreaking in our industry.
8.  Tell us about your staff.
Stylesight: We have some of the greatest talents in the industry working at Stylesight.  Just to name a few:
WGSN: We have contents teams located all around the world-as we are truly a global company- that stay on top of the cultural trends that trickle down and effect fashion, etc. 
9.  Which of my staff members would benefit from your service?
Stylesight: Designers, marketing managers, product developers, graphic designers, pattern makers, print specialists, sourcing teams, buyers, visual merchandisers, sales teams....the list can go on and on... 
WGSN: Depending upon the needs of the company-we work with them to determine who has access.  Another great feature is that WGSN is not limited to a particular job function within a company.
10. How much does your service cost?. 
Stylesight: It varies depending on the type and size of subscription you are looking for.
WGSN: no answer

10 Future Applications

10 Future Applications
 The predictives, like Stylesight and WGSN, should consider these 10 future applications
1. 3D models where designers can try their designs
2. connections to the designer software, where the designer could transfer data from the site to his/her workspace
3. links to where designers can source directly from site
4. links to factories directly from site
5. links to sales forces directly from site
6. links to retail stores, directly from site
7. statistics on past styles sales
8. ways to redesign flats on site
9. social network area for designers and manufactures
10. links to designers that other designers can access

10 thing we want to teach

Ten things that we want to teach

1. The predictives predict trends for fashion.
2. On the student portal you can find Doneger.
3. On the student portal you can find Stylesight.
4. On the student portal you can find WGSN. (but you need to be on campus to use it)
5. The FIDM library has a collection of current hard copy predictives.
6. The predictives sometimes specialize in certain areas.
7. The predictives are available to FIDM students, ONLY while you are a student.
8. You can make a folder of the flats, in Stylesight, and keep it to use when you are an alumni.
9. You can subscribe to the predictives, for a fee, after you graduate.
10. Use the predictives while you are a student!

WGSN Features

  1. News
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Think Tank
  4. What’s  in Store
  5. City by City
  6. Trends
  7. Retail Talk
  8. Generation now
  9. The magazine
  10. Graphics

Stylesight Features

  1. Trend updates/Reports/Image library-Woman, Men, Children
  2. Trade show reports
  3.  Runway Analysis
  4.  Flat Sketches
  5. Store windows
  6. Celebrity Fashion
  7.  Forecast
  8.  Webinars
  9.  Streets and Events
  10.  Retail and Showrooms 

10 Important Things to Know/WGSN

10 Important Things to Know

  1. My WGSN
  2. IDEAS Studio
  3. Calendar
  4. Plan Ahead
  5. Video Library
  6. Blog
  7. WGSN Monthly Webinar
  8. WGSN Seminars
  9. Ask WGSN
  10. CareersWGSN.com


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